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Turkeys on the Trail was born in 2015 from our desire to give back to our community in Edmonton. My husband and I have struggled financially and sometimes still do, but we are dedicated to making this event affordable and fun for all, and we absolutely love the work the Edmonton Food Bank does. My name is Jessica Kinsella; I am the Event Director, and along with my husband, Jay Kinsella, our Course Director, we are proud to have founded and host Turkeys on the Trail!


The goal of Turkeys on the Trail originally was to pay tribute to our trail running community, and to show support to the Edmonton Food Bank - a very worthwhile charity that is utilized by over 20,000 people per month. Did you know 40% of their recipients are children? We are proud to support their cause, especially since 2020 has brought hardships and financial insecurity to many families who are now facing tough decisions.

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