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We offer distances for all ages and abilities, including:

  • 3 km family or individual walk/run

  • 5 km family or individual walk/run

  • 10 km run

  • 21 km run

In the past, all distances started from Rundle Park. The routes paid tribute to our trail running community and the beautiful Edmonton river valley. This year with the event going virtual, you can run where you feel most comfortable anywhere in Edmonton or surrounding area!


Every month, the Edmonton Food Bank assists over 22,000 people in the City of Edmonton by providing food hampers to both individuals and families facing food insecurity. This need is only increasing due to the challenges and insecurity that Covid-19 has brought on in 2020. The Food Bank also distributes food that provides more than 500,000 meals and snacks through more than 250 affiliates. Approximately 40% of the people they serve are children.

Proceeds of this year's virtual event will be donated to the Edmonton Food Bank. 



While we won't be hosting an in-person event, we hope to still keep the spirit of this event alive. We are working to support both the Edmonton Food Bank and involve some local businesses this year. For 2020, we will provide the following:

  • Swag bag for all participants

  • Finishers' cookie award

  • Draw prize for each category

and perhaps a few more surprises along the way!


In the past, we prided ourselves on being able to offer an event that did not charge a race fee. We simply asked participants to bring a frozen turkey, ham or other non-perishable goods/gift cards as payment. Unfortunately, 2020 has provided some challenges for hosting an in-person event, so we've had to adapt in a way so that we can still host an event and support the Edmonton Food Bank. 

This year, we will be charging a race fee, but we will have individual and group rates to still make the event very affordable! Proceeds of our virtual event will be going directly to the Edmonton Food Bank. Visit our "Get Involved" page to sign up today!




Can't make it to the event or not a huge fan of running, but still want to be involved? There are still a few ways to do that:


Limited Volunteer Opportunities
Sponsor a Draw Prize
Sponsor a swag item
Fundraise for the Food Bank

Share our event via social media!

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